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Dear Power House High Parents and Families, 

We are looking forward to the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year at Power House High. The following information will help you plan for the year ahead.

Please read the following carefully, as it contains important information.


Lunch Forms: Available at Orientation
One application per household listing each Power House High student. All students must have a lunch form on file even if they decline to eat breakfast and lunch. Once you receive your lunch status (free, reduced, full), you can choose to participate or decline your enrollment in the food program. Please read the lunch form procedures carefully. If the lunch form is not turned in by the due date, students will NOT receive a meal the first week of school.

Additional Required Forms

Emergency and Contact Form – Please return at orientation

Photo release form – Please return at orientation

Proof of address Each year you must provide proof of residence to the main office. Please bring a current ORIGINAL utility bill, lease, or mortgage stub that states the name of the legal guardian of the student and his/her address. We will make a copy and return your original. Students must live with their legal guardian in the City of Chicago in order to attend Power House High School.

Dress Code

All students will be required to be in dress code (school polo, khaki pants, black belt and black dress shoes) on the first day of school. If you are uncertain about what to buy, please call us before you purchase anything. We are happy to help you figure out what to purchase so your son and/or daughter is in the correct uniform. Students are also required to be on time and in attendance every day.

New Dress Code Policy at a glance

PHH is following a new dress code this school year, which will be strictly enforced. 

Students must arrive to school in the proper dress code attire every day.

School polos and sweaters can be purchased in the Main Office.

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The new dress code includes the following:

Khakis must be worn with a solid black belt at all times. Khakis must have belt loops. Pants cannot be too baggy or too tight.

Polos must be clean, tucked in and buttoned up with two (2) buttons at all times. Students may not wear anything under their polo other than an appropriate, unseen short-sleeved undershirt.

No visible tattoos or piercings are permitted. Boys may not wear earrings.

Shoes are all black and professional. No athletic shoes, running shoes, or casual cloth shoes are permitted. No stiletto heels, flip flops, platforms, Timberlands or boots are permitted.

Hairstyle and hair color cannot be distracting. No unnatural human hair colors (e.g., blue, red, pink) are permitted. No mohawks, faux-hawks or distracting designs are permitted.

You can read a full description of the dress code in the PHH 2012-2013 Student Handbook.

P.E. / Gym Uniforms

Gym uniform shirts can be purchased for $6.00
Gym uniform shorts can be purchased for $13.00
Reminder: gym shorts and shirt are mandatory for gym class.

Sports & Extracurricular Activities

We intend to offer a variety of athletic and extra-curricular activities after school. We encourage all students to become involved in a sport or activity. Additional information and forms will be available at orientation

CTA Permits

CTA student riding permits will be available at orientation on Wednesday, August 20. Students who need to purchase a CTA permit should bring $5.00.

School Fees

The following are school fees for the 2014-2015 school year:

School Activity fee for Grade 12: $140 (includes yearbook and graduation cost)
One Day temporary ID: $1.00 (due upon issue of ID)
Replacement ID: $3.00 (due upon issue of ID)

A payment plan may be set up in order to pay fees.
All activity fees are due by April 1, 2015.

Service Learning

Students must complete 40 hours of volunteer service as a graduation requirement. No less than 10 hours must be earned per year before student can matriculate to the next grade level. 

Service Learning Timesheet

Main Office Hours

Phone: (773) 533-7600
Fax: (773) 533-7601

7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Regular School Days

PHH Good News Newsletter

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