Our goal at HFA: PHH is to connect every child with an after school program or opportunity every day. A more engaged student is a more successful student! We have three different kinds of after school programs:

  1. Athletics such as Boys/Girls basketball, Dance Team and Track
  2. Paid Apprenticeships through After School Matters where students are be paid to learn while participating in an arts or technical-based program
  3. Clubs like Newspaper, Yearbook, the Student Government Association and buildOn

  4. There is something for everybody! And students, if you would like to begin your own program please talk to Ms. Kerr.

    Dances & Special Events

    Students in good behavioral standing may bring one (1) non-Power House High student as a guest to dances and other special events held at Power House High. All guests must complete a PHH Guest Application in order to be allowed to attend.

    Forms must include the following:
    • A parent or guardian signature
    • The signature of your guest's principal, and
    • The official stamp from your guest's high school

    Guests may not attend any dance or special event without this completed form on file. This form is due no less than two (2) days before the dance or special event.

Janette Kerr
Director of Partnerships
& Student Programs

Members of Step Team
Kyla Conner, Deontaye James, Daryon Simmons & Anthony Burns